Michelle & Christophe

Michelle and Christophe. Somewhere in Luxembourg. 

A beautiful party in a wonderful bohemian atmosphere. I loved the details like the with flowers decorated swing, the cocktail bar, the poloaroid camera - I always say to my couples: organise some cool activities for your guests! This is how I like it, just see the photos below to see what I mean;)! I also loved the authenticity of this celebration, pure love and sweetness…

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Lory & Tom

Lory and Tom. Two sports freaks with lots of energy and love to share. We had sunny, rainy, cloudy moments this day, and nothing could stop the couple to smile and laugh together. Spontaneously, we found an awesome spot for the couple photos before heading to the party. I loved the yellow theme of the wedding, I loved the ambiance and the games, this wedding was lots of fun!

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Aline & David

A beautiful bride, a handsome groom, perfect weather and my pleasure to follow the two during a whole weekend for their wedding. Sounds like an awesome plan, right? This is a story of last Summer. Aline et David, merci !

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Esther & Fabien

My beautiful friend Esther got married. We've been friends for many years, had some crazy times and now this young woman married the love of her life, and I'm proud and happy for them. Alles gudds méng léif Esther mat dengem Mann Fabien, sieft fir emmer glécklech matenee! Merci daat ech dierft dobai sinn, xx Anna

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