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Getting lost in the City of Angels

Hello my friends! Can you believe it? I can't... :P The Los Angeles articile went finally live, whooop! I'm sorry that it took so long..! Before we start, I want to tell you that it was always my dream to go to LA and I'm more than happy about my first experience in the US! I had such a great time, I would go back immediately. To begin, let me tell you a bit about La La Land! 

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I have this thing with the Belgian seaside...

June vibes are in the air! Hello friends, I'm just back from a short vacation spent at the Belgian seaside! I'm coming to this place since I'm a little child and it's always a pleasure.. Do you know that feeling when you arrive somewhere you haven't been for a while and there's something in the air you feel every time you arrive? 

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10 beautiful days in Mauritius with bae. It was not the big season so the hotel was not overcrowded (perfect for us).  The weather was wonderful, it was hot outside! We had two afternoons during our stay which were cloudy but most of the time the sun was shining.

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Ibiza baby!

Ibiza is calling and I must go. Our first holidays where we enjoyed party, island exploration and chill-out days during one week. My favourite holidays so far because I saw different amazing places, had a good sunbath with nice mojitos and met great people. Everywhere we (the girl trio) went, we had fun, during any part of the day or night. I really recommend Ibiza for young people. Rent a car, go to several beaches, visit villages and cities, make new friends..

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Some beautiful days at my third home - North Sea in Belgium. I used to go to Wenduine and De Haan once or twice a year when I was a child. Both villages are very cute, quiet and peaceful. The weather was perfect. The food delicious. The bicycle tours were fun too. Awesome sunsets.  I expected windy days and cool nights but here, day and night were hot like I never saw it here in Spring before. Enjoy this little photo story almost entirely taken with an iphone for once.

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Barcelona is like another home for me as I visit the City quite often with my girls. Even a short weekend is totally worth it. What we do over here? Eat tapas, drink mojitos, walk, sunbath, shop, have a good time. Well if you are like me, you will also (almost) break your nose, lose something and still be happy during the whole time over here.  Check out my Barcelona City Guide I did last year for a complete list of my favourite spots!

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