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Apps of my life

Hello my friends! First of all, thanks a lot for the feedback regarding my car:). For those who haven’t read the news, you can read it here. Today, I am sharing with you my favourite apps I use on my iphone. Since I received the new iPhone XS Max, I decided to organise my phone with more creative apps for my digital content as well install additional, useful tools for my everyday life and work.

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Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Hello my friends! The waiting is over, my Christmas Gift Guide 2018 is live!! I worked two entire days on the photos after collecting all the gifts I wanted to feature. In my selection, I present classic presents but also less classic ones. For example I had this idea to assemble products from Luxembourgish start-ups!

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Save the date! Troc'n'Brol 2018

It’s that time of the year again and I’m so excited!! December 14, I’m getting ready!!

Every December, I participate to Troc'n'Brol. For me, it’s the coolest yearly event in Luxembourg! First of all, I love to catch-up with with our local artists and art lovers, discover the the several artworks, drink warm wine.. And of course, it’s always a pleasure read your cute or not so cute offers that YOU, dear visitors propose in exchange of your favourite creations! In fact, Troc’n’Brol is not a standard creators market..

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My skincare routine

Dear friends, first of all - I can’t believe I did not blog since July. What the.. But I’m back and I will blog once a month at least from now because I missed this so much. So, after many request and questions about my skin I decided to write about all the products I use - face, lips, body, hands & nails and hair. Plus at the end - I will quickly share my makeup routine.

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Organization leads to productivity! #newoffice

Hello my friends! Happy December! On Instagram, I asked you guys if you would like to see more of my new office on the blog and the answer was YES. That's why, before publishing my long awaited Los Angeles story, I decided to share these news with you. No, I don't have a new job, I'm still independent:))) but I have moved and am now the proud owner of a new bueautiful home office, completely designed by MEEEE!

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Rock-a-Field 2016

Chasing music, mood an fashion elements. 🐱🤘

Rock-a-Field is one my favourite events in Luxembourg. I'm always excited to be here and document this Summer party. This year, I couldn't come on Saturday because of a wedding but on Sunday (yesterday), I gave 100%. I didn't know any of the bands that were playing so I was curious to discover new music and I left really satisfied. My favourite bands of the year have been...

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Spotted in April

This month I made two very cute and fresh discoveries, both in pastel tones and very Spring welcoming.

First, I want to introduce you the new Njörd cafeteria in Luxembourg City, located in the MNHA museum. The Scandinavian looking place offers all kinds of drinks and healthy ready to go lunch menus. The interior is so pretty.. pure, minimal design. I love the clean wooden furniture, the lamps and the big windows that offer great natural light, the plants, everything. And the service is good too. Very gentle and polite guys will serve you. Here some visuals.

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