La belle Côte d'Azur, a travel diary...


February was a travel month! You may have seen my Venezia pictures already, but the first trip of of the month was dedicated to the French Riviera. Here we visited several places, wanderlust every day! So, what can one do over here?? Here are some tips and impressions of my favourite spots..


Nizza, a city full of people, attractions like the carnival, markets, shops... I love the nightlife here, around the place Garibaldi, you have many good restaurants where people share cheese plates on the terrasses (yes already in February!) and drink red wine while discussing politics and economics in a revolutionary tone! :D 

Also, Nizza has this long Promenade des Anglais, you can walk here for hours! I also loved the architecture of the old town, the Orthodox church and liturgy, the Negresco hotel building... At he port, you can take the bus Nr 100 and go to Ville-Franche, Eze, Menton, Monaco etc.


Such a cute colorful village! Eating fresh fish with the sea just a few centimeters away from you was so satisfying.. And the lovely old architecture around you.. Look at the colourful stairs below, the balcons, the tiny streets, the public library.. 


Eze, a beautiful place with a few secret gardens... Like the famous Nietsche Path that we climed up. It was (for me) a huuuge challenge to arrive at the top without taking a break. The path was named after the German philosopher who lived here in the late 19th century. The legend says that he climbed up the trail every day during Summer and that the heat gave him the hallucinations and inspiration for his work.

Arriving at the top of the 'mountain' xD, we went through a medieval village with a cemetery, cactus garden, church... Worth visiting!

Beaulieu sur Mer

Have lunch at the port of Beaulieu sur Mer before or after climbing up the Nietsche path!

MENTON - the lemon paradise

I love Menton, the streets, the colorful houses... Just walk around and discover the streets, churches and lemon shops. Here I found a great solid lemon shampoo, local Limoncello, soaps..


We came a few times to Monaco for dinner - my tip: the Buddha Bar. Fancy place, best sushi ever, a half dozen sushis is more than enough, they are huge! For dessert, take the mochi plate, six pieces from different fruits, and don't forget the cocktails!! Delicious! Also the place itself - great music, awesome interior.. located just behind the casino.

Infront of the casino, Les Pavillons the Monte-Carlo, huge white eggs with designer candy inside.. If you want to buy a key piece, do it here. Don't forget to visit the palace! We didn't spend much of our daytime in Monaco but the nights were fun!!


Propably my favourite place.. From Nizza, one hour with the bus and you're here! When arriving, you immediately see where you need to go - the fortress of St Paule de Vence! So many old, magical streets to discover! Fountains, shops with local products like soaps, candles, lemon trees, cats everywhere.. Take a cup of coffee or some ice cream in the sun and be inspired by the surroundings.

Hope to go to the French Riviera during Summer next year, I fell in love with South of France! Have you been there? Could I show you something new or do you have more tips? Let me know! xx