Save the date! Troc'n'Brol 2018


Yes, that’s my twin Xenia a few years ago with black, long hair!! :D

TROC’N’BROL - an alternative Christmas market!

It’s that time of the year again and I’m so excited!! December 14, I’m getting ready!!

Every year, I participate to Troc'n'Brol. For me, it’s the coolest yearly event in Luxembourg! First, I love to catch-up with with our local artists and art lovers, enjoy the exhibition (more than 20 exhibitors), drink warm wine.. And of course, it’s always a pleasure read your cute or not so cute offers that YOU, dear visitors propose in exchange of your favourite creations! In fact, Troc’n’Brol is not a standard creators market.. First of all, it’s all about art, the exhibitors are graphic designers, photographers, painters, jewellery designers etc. I usually exhibit my photos or sketches - let me surprise you !! And secondly.. the idea is not to buy an artwork with money!

Just as Christophe says: “Visitors can then bid on all artworks, although money is not the currency here. In order to win an artwork, bids have to be some kind of exchangeable thing or service. Bids can be pretty much anything, from a meal, to another piece of art, to some free lessons, and so on. Original and creative bids are usually appreciated by the artists, while food is often refused”. The best offers I received last year were huge plants, a solo concert and a handmade cosmetic set! Anyone can participate, any barter can be proposed! What I like to do as well is to decorate my wall and write down some things that I’d like to get in exchange, things that I need etc. Some artists remain anonymous, let’s see how I will do it this time.

Troc’n’Brol opens at 18:00 in a festive atmosphere with music, drinks and snacks - the perfect Friday night plan for art lovers!


To make an offer, simply attach a post-it to the desired work (there are plenty of post-its waiting for you), with the following details in legible handwriting:

> Your Exchange Offer (detailed)

> Your (correct) first and last name

> an opportunity to contact (telephone number or e-mail address)

At around 23h00, the offers selected by the artists will be announced and displayed at the works. The works and the offerings remain hanging until midnight, so that the artists have the opportunity to organize the barter with the lucky chosen ones, and all other visitors can admire the expressiveness of the selected proposals. If your offer is selected but you left earlier, don’t worry, the artist will contact you if you left your mail address or phone number!

Oh and my twin Xenia participates as well! Below are some photos I took during the previous editions! I really hope to meet some of you my friends! PS. On the following days, Saturday 15 & Sunday 16, Stijlmarkt will fill the Hall Victor Hugo, another cool opportunity to find a cute Christmas gift. Over 100 local designers and small brands will sell their products, I will give away 2 entrances this week on Instagram!

Well for me, that weekend definetely sounds like a big plan!

14/12 @ ROTONDES from 18h00 to 01h00

free entrance


Read my article of the 2015 edition and the 2014 edition !


additional info in French and German here.


Place des Rotondes, 2448 Luxemburg