Troc'n'Brol 2015.

I am a bit late with this article but better late than never. So last year I already wrote about this art event. Here you can check it out: Troc'n'Brol 2014. This year it was held at the pimped Rotondes (Luxembourg City) that were under construction for a long time. The space to exhibit was smaller and there were less people than last year but the ambiance was the same as during the previous editions. What was new this time: you could order warm wine and the local soup Bouneschlupp plus there were far more artists exhibiting, I had a lot to discover!. 

 I created cheecky Christmas cards but no proposition pleased me so I sent them out to some of my followers. My twin exhibited awesome painted pictures of animals and had more success than I... :) Always happy to meet other local artists. Thanks to the organiser Steph Meyers for bringing together art lovers of Luxembourg in a creative way! :)