Troc'n'Brol 2014

Troc'n'Brol 2014 took place at Carré Rotondes in Luxembourg-City on Thursday the 18th of December. At the end of the year I use to participate to this artistic event. Several local artists expose their latest or oldest work and visitors are invited to barter art for something else than money. It can be an item, a service, a meal, an offered experience... When you're interested in a work, you grab a post-it, write down your offer and stick it on the wall. At the end of the event, the artist chooses the best proposal and the deal is done.

I exposed three big canvas of pictures I took during the Extrabold Circus party. I chose those three ones because they're blurred. This accidental haziness of the clowns makes me think of an illusion, hallucination or a horror movie and that's why I love this trio. It's a form of storytelling, everyone can imagine his own story behind those pictures..

People at the exhibition asked me about the canvas.. Well, I ordered them at Photo Service in Luxembourg-City. The next day they were ready, so super fast work! I need this kind of service as I'm a very last minute person. It may be more expensive than online shops but you have several facilities compared with online systems. If you're not happy with the result, they reprint immediately so you don't need to send it back somewhere and wait a week or more to receive the corrected version. The quality of the canvas is great. It's the first time I print photos on canvas and I love it. The price is about 100€ for a big format.

Here are my DIY (do it yourself) take-away business cards decorated with Christmas stickers and affixed with masking tape! I always enjoy making little souvenirs for visitors.. :)

My twin sister Xenia exposed drawings in a magical, fairytale-like style. It was the first time she participated to this event and she was quiet successful! I love the way she decorated her area!!

The event was very nice. Several friends came over to say hi. I love photographing them while they're exploring art, such serious expressions...xD Many post-its were gone, arrangements settled and lots of meetings and conversations filled the room. The best offer I got for one of my canvas is day in a spa, can't wait for it. More pictures will be published on the Troc'n'Brol facebook page.