Mauritius travel blogger spots review

10 beautiful days in Mauritius with bae. It was not the big season so the hotel was not overcrowded (perfect for us).  The weather was wonderful, it was hot outside! We had two afternoons during our stay which were cloudy but most of the time the sun was shining.

Our Hotel (Le Touessrok) owns two small islands which was our big highlight as there were almost no people. Ilot Mangenie was my favourite one - beautiful, wild view, many sea shells (here I found my starfish!), you can walk along the waterfront and enjoy the atmosphere. On the same island you have a small restaurant with a great kitchen! You can order fresh local fish, cocktails, grilled banana (tradition). In the whole the service of our hotel was perfect. Towels are ready on the beach, you are brought free water bottles, fruits and icecream during the day - amazing.

When we were not on our little private islands we took a taxi and visited the island to see what's going on here.. So.. we went to the tea plantation, rum production, national park , temple with the several Buddhist gods, waterfalls, we went fishing.. We saw many animals too! Monkeys, turtles, starfishes, sea urchins, crabs, salamander, many colorful birds..  See for yourself! After our last drink, we used to switch on torchlight on the iphone and walked along the beach to watch crabs crawling in their shells, cute salamander a looked for our imaginary shark..

Pictures taken with the Nikon d810, iphone & polaroid.

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