Summer of Love - ready to party!

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Like a true Nature’s child, we were born, born to be wild.

~ Steppenwolf

Hello friends! Summer has finally arrived, isn't this wonderful? Every free minute I spend in the sun.. Also, the wedding season has begun and the first weekend was a success! I followed two beautiful couples with my camera and can't wait to edit the thousands of photos.. I will show you a best of soon!

As you know, every month I create a look at the fashion store Bram in Luxembourg and this time I got the lovely assistance of! Yes, it was big fun to stroll around the store with a camera team xD. You can watch the replay here.  So, this time I went for a Summer look inspired by the late 60s, Summer of Love.. I used the opportunity to pass by for a cocktail at my favourite afterwork place in Luxembourg, Boos, the only beach club in Luxembourg! We took the photos on their beautiful Ibiza looking terrace.

On you can find my entire contribution as a guest author as well as all the details about the several items like the brand names and my styling tips ! Check it out! ❤️ Would love to hear your thoughts about my new look! Kisses, Anna


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