Spring vibes - let's go outside!

Hello my friends! Happy March! Spring is coming, I feel it! Time to breath new life into the fashion category of my blog! So here we go, Spring vibes with bright colours, warm tones and cheeky details, because Spring is my favourite season! Bye-bye Winter depression, scarfs, coats and all the grey stuff - let's go into the wild, watch the green stuff growing in the parks, eat more vitamins, wear bright colours and enjoy the first bubbles outside (yes, I had my first terrace lunch yesterday at Osteria, awesome!!). So before I share more of this look, I'd like to tell you more about my current collab with the featured brand!


Since the beginning of the year, I visit Vero Moda at Belle Etoile in Betrange once month to choose an outfit that I present on Instagram. I really like this collaboration because this way I re-discovered the brand and its products. I enjoy walking through the store and pick out clothes, change my mind and try different combinations. Also I started trying out new things that are not 'me' and I don't know about you, but I love the results! What do you think of this sporty, minimalistic combination on the right? I will definitely wear it in Summer for coffee dates. I wore this look in Japan last month, the article about this interesting culture is under construction!


Vero Moda 6.jpg


Vero Moda 8.jpg

Another look from Vero Moda I went for earlier this year is this trendy match - the checked blazer worn with a white turtle neck. This outfit became my casual look for meetings, coffee dates, shopping - everything. I was looking for a sweet turtle neck and bam! I need to admit, that Vero Moda became my daily clothing partner since we started the collaboration, which is a good sign I'd say :P The store in Bertrange is not as big as H&M so you have a good overview regarding the different collections and key pieces. The staff is very warm hearted and helpful. Ask for Badra if you have questions regarding any featured items on my blog, she will be more than happy to help you out!


Vero Moda 3.jpg

So back to my new outfit. This is a total Vero Moda look except for the shoes (Converse) and belt (Gucci)! I'm not a big fan of trousers, especially skin-tight jeans but this pair is super comfortable and elastic! These are my first white pants ever, let's see how many hours they will survive..YOLO :P. The suede jacket is available in a dozen of colours online - I try not too think too much about it because it's totally me to buy the same piece in different colours.. Brown is good choice, it's a warm, classic colour which goes with all hair colours and styles. I added a simple white Tee with a sparkling pink heart pattern because - cute, oh and the gavroche cap! A trendy accessoire of the coming Summer! Paris is currently full of them - black berets and gavroche caps, the most worn headpiece of the past fashion week.

Vero Moda 2.jpg
Vero Moda 4.jpg

Enough fashion talk, quick update about work if it's interesting for you. My new occupation is community management. I run the Instagram accounts of a few businesses in Luxembourg and I love it because it's a creative job but organisation is primordial! The City of Luxembourg needs beautiful photos during Spring, another great mission I got which I will start next week. And then, we're almost at my favourite part of the year which is the wedding season! I'm already shaking of happiness and excitement !!!! I can't wait to shoot the first wedding in May! Each wedding is like Christmas!! Yes, it's my personal Christmas time. Ok Anna, calm down. So my friends, I wish you all a beautiful Spring, go outside, drink your first bubbles on a terrace like Urban, GoTen or wherever, start a new project if you feel down or start doing sports! (I ran in the woods from 8-9 am this morning, yep. With breaks of course because running is boring but at least I did something haha). Have a nice day!

Vero Moda 1.jpg


Here are some other colours of the suede jacket that I really like: