Spotted in April

This month I made two very cute and fresh discoveries, both in pastel tones and very Spring welcoming.

First, I want to introduce you the new Njörd cafeteria in Luxembourg City, located in the MNHA museum. The Scandinavian looking place offers all kinds of drinks and healthy ready to go lunch menus. The interior is so pretty.. pure, minimal design. I love the clean wooden furniture, the lamps and the big windows that offer great natural light, the plants, everything. And the service is good too. Very gentle and polite guys will serve you. Here some visuals.

I came to this place to unbox my latest delivery, the April edition of Birchbox France called The Happiness Therapy with Birhbox + Pantone. This is my second discovery of April. (I've gently asked the brand to receive the box to write a review about it because I really like their concept.) You can order the box monthly for 13€, they ship to Belgium and France only..

The interesting thing of this edition is that the box is the result of a collaboration between Birchbox and Pantone. The degraded colour tones remind me of Spring starting with soften colours before turning into brightful Summer tones. One can chose between four different colour tones for you box that will be an eye catcher in your kitchen or living room.

The box is already my personal highlight, I've got mine in a rose quartz (I didn't choose, wanted a surprise). Inside of the box, five beauty products from French brands selected by Birchbox. The whole list of the items is on their website. So let's see what is inside...

  1. In my box I found a Pura Bali supreme oil spray with multiple functions. It’s a restorative oil for the hair, moisturising body lotion and nourishing serum for the face, a 100% natural Balinese care filled with vitamins A, B and E plus Omega fatty acids. The skin should be softer, smoother and protected from external aggressions. I really like the smell and put it on my wet hair after each shower, it looks and feels healthy!

  2. La Rosée hand cream, a sheabutter moisturiser, great texture and fresh smell, already in my everyday bag.

  3. Hip shampoo containing the famous patchouli essential oil that stimulates hair growth. The brand promises wrapped and thicker hair while increasing brightness. I'll take it for my next trip next month, too many shampoos at home to open it now.. :)

  4. Garancia micropeeling, formulated without grain, abrasive element and glycolic acid. Its exclusive assets, Micropelloff X3 has an exfoliating and regenerating power exceptional. It combines 6 active plant extracts with a patented enzyme to remove dead skin cells. Among them, organice rose water that softens the skin, organic green tea extract that tightens pores, cucumber pulp which hydrates and the original extracts of lemon juice fresh that illuminates the complexion. I need to say that this sounds so great..! This is the kind of product I use after a long night or after sunbathing to clean and nourrish my face properly. (For normal days I only use mineral water without anything.)

  5. And finally, the Sumita eyeliner pencil enriched with oils - works great as kohl as well! And I love the design in gold. My favourite item!

What I really appreciate is the very detailed description sheet for each item that you can also find online! Here I also read the using advice.

Conclusion. This is my first Birchbox and I really like it. The products seem to be natural and healthy, small quantities mostly but that's ok for a test. Some products are already in my beauty bags, some will travel with me and shared with my twin. For me it's a great idea for a present, 13€ is a good price and will make your best friend happy. I'll definitely order one for the next birthday of a friend. The box found its place in the living room and is filled with stationery.. :) I thought it could be nice to unbox the surprise in a new place like Njörd, the light here is perfect. I'll come back here soon to work on my thesis... See you around!

Njörd Food café Luxembourg City guide