Rock-a-Field 2016

Chasing music, mood an fashion elements. 🐱🤘

Rock-a-Field is one my favourite events in Luxembourg. I'm always excited to be here and document this Summer party. This year, I couldn't come on Saturday because of a wedding but on Sunday (yesterday), I gave 100%. I didn't know any of the bands that were playing so I was curious to discover new music and I left really satisfied. My favourite bands of the year have been: Bilderbuch, these young German boys know how to entertain the audience, The 1975, ambient alternative rock and a crazy attitude on stage, Broken-Back, I couldn't stop watching the drummer who played with so much power and a big smile on his face and Oh Wonder - a lovely girlie voice I could listen to at any moment. I never complain about anything at the festival but some friends were disappointed of the food. Small local food trucks arrived with sushi and vegan suggestions but the typical junk food was missing - French fries, waffles, oily sausages! But in the end the most important thing was that we had almost 30 degrees, good mood and cool music. I enjoyed running from backstage to the food village then back to the stages to shoot interesting moments and details but also to spend some moments with my besties and fresh mojitos. So glad I could be here! Enjoy my impressions xx

RAF15 - here / RAF14 - here