Olympus EPL-7 review

This is my first review of my new camera family member - the Olympus Pen EPL-7. Let's start with saying that I'm a proud owner of this little thing. Yes, it's the smallest camera I've ever had and I enjoy it. I don't carry my big fat Nikon D800 everywhere I go because it's just too big for my bags and too heavy for my neck. Of course I will never give it up but it's good to enlarge your camera family if you're on the road all the time.

This sexy hybrid (mirror-less camera with interchangeable lenses) is becoming my constant companion. I fell in love with it when I saw it. The glossy white matched to the leathered texture, the lens and historical logo makes it look retro, elegant and feminine. Thumbs up for the design! The body is made of metal, you feel the quality when holding the camera. So even if it's small, it has a solid feel, good!

Focus manually! I really like the screen taping tool - at a push, you can save up time to record the perfect moment instead of working automatically when being in a rush. Wifi-control! I The appropriate app enables to transfer my favourite images on my iphone within seconds. From here I can use them for my several editing, social media and blogging apps. It's selfie time! You can flip down the screen a full 180° to make selfies! Isn't it funny? Ok, why should you take a selfie with a camera when you have a smart phone? Well, I don't like the face-fronting camera of my iphone 5s, the quality seems weak to me... I definitely prefer the Olympus.

Here are some snaps I took in Brussels today. What should I say? The photographs come out very sharp, I'm impressed by the fine detail. My lens on this cam is a 14-42 mm. I'm used to a 50 mm and I've always wished to take pictures with a wide-angle so I can enjoy shooting at close range. You can activate the autofocus or control aperture and shutter speed. Of course the pictures are edited - I'm a dreamer, the cameras today are so perfectly mirroring the reality that I need to destroy this real factor with my Photoshop skills as you've probably noticed already. Oh by the way, the camera offers a cool selection of art filters and I recommend them, but I have already my own editing method. Don't forget: a filter can't save your picture - so only use filters when the shot already looks good and you want to add a little extra to it.