My X-mas in Luxembourg

We arrive at this beautiful part of the end of the year again. It’s dark outside but thousands of little sparkles light up the streets, music is playing outside, warm wine is served.. For me a magical period to finish the year.. Time is running.. One year comes after another and before celebrating the coming one, a new beginning, I like to celebrate what I have and what I’ve got during the year and my entire life. Christmas is a nostalgic moment for me - when decorating the Christmas tree, I think of all the Christmas trees I’ve already decorated in my life and how awesome my childhood was thanks to my family. For me, it is very important to remember what your family gave to you in your childhood. There are so many things we forget that once made us the happiest person in life. So during this period I love to remind my parents of particular moments we once shared together before celebrating the future.

So this article is about my Christmas at home, Luxembourg. I'm presenting you now a list of things that should not miss during this festive time. Cute stuff that makes Christmas prettier and cozier.. Bathbombs, plaids, candy.. Must-haves to share with your honey bunny.. Festive places to go.. Almost everything in and from Luxembourg!

Let's start with a local gallery - the Lucien Schweitzer boutique. I fell in love with the pretty shop window when walking through the city. You can find here amazing Christmas decoration among other kinds of homeware. I was very curious to discover the products of several international brands and designers selected by the gallery. 

Lucien Schweitzer boutique. 16a, avenue de la Liberté L-1930 Luxembourg


What is Christmas without an Advent calendar, please……….? No without chocolate but with new stuff! Why not with bath candy?! You may know that I’m a Lush Cosmetics freak because of the fun effect they provide. So during the last blogger event I won this huge box and I was sooooo speechless. I LOVE Lush’s Christmas stuff because they include my favourite flavours and scents.. Cinnamon! Orange! Vanilla! Wine!! So this 12 Days Of Christmas box contains 12 products to enjoy in your bathroom.. Take: your time, a mug of tea or another drink, a friend or a lover, a book or your bath duck, throw one of the pretty bubble bars or bath bombs into your bath, jump in and feel awesome. 

Lush shop. 60 Grand-Rue, 1660 Luxembourg

The Christmas market in the city. I love our market… Especially the part on Place de la Constitution, it’s so cute and cozy. I feel so home when walking through the Winter lights surrounded by my fellow citizen. You always meet friends over here. Of course you need to eat some Gromperkichelcher and drink Glühwein when coming over:)) / Luxembourg City

I freeze like a dog in Winter… And when I’m home, I need to cover myself from the head to toe. And nothing keeps warmer than a thick Winter plaid.. So here we go with another Online shop that I discovered through the preparation for this story based in Luxembourg! Country boutique inspires with Scandinavian home trends and this is where I found the perfect plaid for cozy evenings at home..

I asked my friend Amandine from Les Jardins de Charlotte to surprise me with a Christmas creation. The young lady creates the prettiest floral artworks I’ve ever seen… Look at this beautiful result - an Advent crown, the local must have for the coming weeks… Plus a garland with raspberries to suspend on your front door.. I’m very impressed by the details of the floral crowns.. order yours now! We should pay more attention to local talents like her.. Handmade work is not dead! <3

Les Jardins de Charlotte. 21, Op Lenkeschlei L-3508 Dudelange, Luxembourg

What is Christmas without Chocolate House by Nathalie Bonn? I go to this place all the time… I write about it a lot and I can’t stop. For Winter, the shop has a lovely decoration in front of the door.. The cakes, and choco spoons are always a good idea but my crush of the season is definitely this childhood awesomeness - a gingerbread house… This totally reminds me of Hansel and Gretel.. I will unfortunately soon devour it with my family! Look at the cute details all over the candy house..

Chocolate House. 20 rue du Marché-aux-Herbes, 1728 Luxembourg

Tea. I’m obsessed with tea during the whole year already but I wanted to bring forward my new discovery from the Aussies, (the only shop from my list that you won't find in Luxembourg!): Your Tea Tiny Tea TeaTox. As I eat no… devour!! like a horse during this period, I need this cure: it decreases bloating, helps indigestion, solves skin problems… As you can see it’s not an ordinary tea, they have several editions of herbal teas to achieve different goals, physical and emotional.. I already started my cure of 28 days..

For the girls… a festive dress! You may know that the current fashion must-wear fabric is velvet. So at Zara I found this black velvet dress (100% silk). It’s elegant, dark, sophisticated, playful, simple and extravagant at the same time. I love when dresses are everything in one…This is the first thing, the second must have for a festive look 2015 are (always for Christmas actually..) sparkles ! So I took a pair of babies at Naf Naf with bling bling heels… /

I was looking for a local shop with trendy Christmas tree ornaments and the first one I thought of was Cinnamon Home! The online shop sells Danish design home accessories and this glass diamond set immediately pleased me. I am very traditional.. No Christmas without tree, sorry not sorry. For me, a Christmas tree is a special new friend at home that makes the living room shine for a while putting a smile on my face every time I enter the room… Every year we add new stuff to the ornament collection. I love unpacking the old wooden box every year to re-discover the stars, snowflakes, nutcrackers. My tree is on its way already after it heard about the diamond newbies.. The candle is from Lucien Schweitzer boutique and my new scent addiction.

I hope I could inspire you... Enjoy the last month of 2015! Kisses, Anna