Luxembourg guide

This guide is about my favourite spots in Luxembourg City with the prettiest interiors, best service and approved food. My advice for a tasty drink but also for breakfast, brunch, lunch, pastry or to work on your laptop. The city does not offer a huge variety of modern places like other capitals do, (as the the country is one of the smallest ones you'll find on this pretty world), but the good thing is that you'll easily find all the places without even using any means of transport! I definitely had the best moments of my guide adventure in Luxcity where the busiest hosts shared their time with me with kindness and pleasure. Enjoy the guide! ♥

BEET luxembourg vegan food restaurant lunch room city blogger spot best

Beet, is a vegan and vegetarian restaurant in the heart of the city and I already can't wait to go back. I'm not vegan but sometimes I enjoy meat-free food. The mango burger I took was delicious. I'm not a fan of tofu burgers so this one was perfect - cooked vegetables added to fresh savours.. tasty! Go and try yourself.. and the homemade fries.... namnamnam... I also like to take here a salad and mix it with the fries :p It's a good feeling to eat organic food in a restaurant.. You should know that I only eat organic at home.

The hosts are adorable, they spoiled me like a queen to make me taste their awesomeness. The dessert was a a mango sorbet with a sweet curry coconutmilk espuma, unusual but good! And the interior is lovely. There are not many places in this modern kind of style in Luxembourg :). MUST GO! <3

BEET. 32, Place Guillaume II L-1648 Luxembourg

Snooze Luxembourg burger food blogger photographer

Snooze.. Doesn't the word sound familiar to you? When waking up slowly in the morning.. :) This burger restaurant-pub is a full house on weekends.. The concept is very simple: B&B - Beers and burgers. Come and choose a crazy burger like a garlic overload (garlic butter explosion) with sweet potatoes or an avocado salad.. Can you hear me, avocado salad :DDD This restaurant is made for meat lovers (but there are veggie options as well). The atmosphere in the night is cozy and loud, cool to start your weekend in a popular local atmosphere. The interior design is amazing, if you look closely you will recognize Luxembourg City on the wooden wall decoration behind your seat.. Bon appétit ! 

SNOOZE. 27, rue Philippe II, Luxembourg



23th January 2010. Bronx - my favourite rock bar in the Hollerich street of Luxembourg City, closed. We were all very sad. It was the place that built up my social life, I met most of my friends during the Bronx times. Meanwhile, the then Bronx pilot Roby is running the Independent Café (or Indies shortly) in front of the eternal flame. Roby is doing a great job. Not only the café offers great, organic food, is full of customers but also the relationship between Roby and his staff is great! I love seeing waitresses ordering their bosses around haha. No really, best atmosphere I've ever seen between colleagues.

The interior is cool - green bar stools, wooden American-style benches in front of large windows, weak light at different parts of the big warm coloured room and a second floor with bright cold colours. For me, a place for every moment of the day and any occasion - a big family meal, intimate talk or relaxed drink at the bar.

The food - delicious. Most of the guests come for the burgers, made of organic or Naturschutzfleesch (Luxembourgish nature conservancy meat). I of course took the Bronx burger! Nothing better than talking about the good old times while eating the matching burger filled with organic eggs, vegetables, gouda, bacon, cheddar, salad and the organic meat, the whole thing held by homemade bread and added by homemade fries!  My twin chose different tapas like meatballs, sautéed mushrooms and (home-fried) calamaris and our host opted for brunch. Together, we also enjoyed organic red wine and crémant. I didn't know that so many products over here were homemade - even the dips, dressings and the bread!

We had a great lunch with Roby, I love his attitude and openness - he wants to make his customers happy and invests in his café with heart and conscious mind. As usual, I couldn't stay for the dessert but I'm glad I spent these precious hours here. Thank you Roby for your time and see you soon <3. #qualitytime

Independent Café. 6 bd F-D Roosevelt, 2450 Luxembourg


Mudam Café inside the Mudam museum located in the business part of Luxembourg City Kirchberg is must-go, no a must-see for anyone visiting the country. First, my advice for you, visit the wonderful modern museum before moving to the Café. The space over here looks magic - white is dominating the large bright and peaceful room. I love this place, such an artwork! The three, the covered wooden framework, the grey settees, everything looks so harmonious, minimalistic and conceptual. I'm in love.

That day, I came for the brunch. The menu is simple and tasty - omelette, potatoes (yummi), buns, a yoghurt, a fruit, a small salad bowl and one with cooked vegetables. Nothing incredible about it. I prefer their delicious desserts -  the apple pie and cheese cake. I really recommend you to come for the cakes and a cup of tea and enjoy the impressive spatiality. For me, the perfect idea for an inspiring quiet Sunday morning or afternoon after a walk around the area. Thanks to Mudam Café crew for having me, I appreciated your attention!

Mudam. 3 Park Drai Eechelen, 1499 Luxembourg.

Bouneweger Stuff - a lovely café behind the central station. Interior, service and food - perfect. Most of the products are organic, drinks included (soft and spirits!). A green leaf on the blackboard menu means: organic! We came for the Sunday brunch and started with our daily morning drink - lemon & ginger water. Never seen a café in Luxembourg offering this simple detox drink. The brunch was amazing, we took the Takatuka plate (smoked salmon, exotic fruits, feta-tomato-cucumber salad, baked potato and more..) accompanied by bread and sweet dips of  milk and white (!) chocolate, honey, jam and an orange juice. You can add other things like the müsli with fruits and yoghurt, it's huge isn't it?! I need to say... the best brunch I've ever had until now.

Bouneweger Stuff. 1, rue du Cimetière L-1338 Luxembourg

COFFEE SHOP LUXEMBOURG anna katina guide city food and drink

Ready?! the new coffee shop on Limpertsberg is held by two young chicas - Yuki Bichel and Connie Sanctuary. The place is small but really comfortable and modern at the same time. You don't have this usual strict separation of seats, so nice! For me a cool place for rainy Sunday afternoons. You can pass by for a quick healthy lunch as well (salads, soups, sandwiches) but I prefer coming over during a quiet moment of the day and... relax with a friendly face or a weird book and a cup of tea. Good to know: vegetarian and vegan options available over here as well as local, organic and fair-trade products when possible!

Ready. 35 Avenue du Bois 1251 Luxembourg


Chocolate House by Nathalie Bonn in front of the Dukes palace is a chocolate paradise for kids and adults. I'd call it Full House! but there is a second floor and a terrace so don't worry, in the end you'll find a vacant seat! Chocolate and cakes are homemade! The speciality - chocolate spoons (big variety) dipped into hot milk, my favourite one is the orange flavour. You can also order a big piece of cake, actually there are only XXL parts so you better share one with your friend when passing by. This time I came to try the breakfast and I'm very satisfied! I opted for the French one and got fresh baked buns, an orange juice, fried eggs and several sweet dips including cherry jam! I As you see, the Eastern collection is already there!! I love their solid wooden furniture and of course the staff. The ladies working here are so kind and warm-hearted, you'll always leave with a smile on your face!

Chocolate House. 20 rue du Marché-aux-Herbes, 1728 Luxembourg