London calling!

London 2015. A City in the early Autumn trip I'll never forget! 

It's my second time in London. The first time I was here in September 2013 with Marion from One More Tattoo to exhibit some works. I will not forget the way he told me to start a blog after watching me taking pictures of everything. Thanks my friend! I hope you're proud of my new daily passion.

London 2013.

Back to this last trip. I already can't wait to go back again and again to explore more of this urban jungle.. I am sharing with now you some fancy, hipster and touristic places that I visited hoping that you will discover something you didn't see in London yet! Let's start with the hotel..

london edition blogger Anna Katina

London Edition. An amazing hotel experience on Berners Street, located a few steps away from Oxford Street. The hotel  offers sophisticated interiors in warm tones, great service and quality products. 

Entering the restaurant you immediately look at the dominating two giant bronze chandeliers and the eccentric floor-to-ceiling collection of framed photographs and paintings.

anna katina travelblogger london 2015 spots

Very good breakfast selection.. Loved the guacamole toast and the earl grey tea!

After some shopping, moving towards Buckingham Palace.. We passed by at the right moment. Watch the Queen's Guard changing the guard.

Shopping, selfie-ing, discovering pretty, clean streets and amazing buildings.. like the Burlington Arcade, area in Chelsea and other corners around the Picadilly Circus.

anna katina travelblogger london 2015 spots
anna katina
london 2015 travel blogger anna katina
anna katina travelblogger london 2015 spots fashion
anna katina travelblogger london 2015 spots

Wearing top from Gerard Darell, skirt from H&M, Blazer from Zara and and bag from Marc Jacobs.

Next stop: St James Park. My target - geese! I loved those geese!! Couldn't stop shooting them!!

I even managed to turn a goose into a prince charming, crazy isn't it?

Continuing towards Covent Garden to discover a hipster corner.. 

anna katina travelblogger london 2015 spots

Here we took a break of our long walk in the coffee shop Timber Yard which is a lovely place to hang out, drink coffee and enjoy pastry. It was fun to relax on the little terrace and watch all kind of outfits moving around. I love the tradition in London to automatically serve still water. 

Awesome 'tables' right? Suitcases everywhere!

Dinner time! In a tiny empty street I was brought to Hakkasan on Hanway Place, the finest Chinese restaurant in my opinion. It's hidden from the rest of the society. Amazing food, weak light, couples everywhere - romanticism was in the air! I'd never imagine that there was a restaurant in this street, no indication or advertisement. You really need to know this place to know that it exists! And don't forget to book your table in advance. 

anna katina travelblogger london 2015 spots
anna katina travelblogger london 2015 spots

Another restaurant I recommend you: La Bodega Negra in Soho - a Mexican kitchen with amazing tapas, also hardly identifiable from outside.

The day after.

london edition hotel anna katina blogger

What's better than room service after a long night? Breakfast in bed before leaving great London! Goodbye!