Lanzarote 2015

After a romantic weekend in Wenduine, Belgium (North Sea) and before heading to London, I spent my Trio-Trip with two of my girls. Every year (or twice a year) we leave for a week towards the real sun. This time we decided to explore the beautiful Canary Island Lanzarote. We rented a car and visited different corners of the islands. We also spent a day in the second biggest Canary island, Fuerteventura. Places we visited during our stay: Jameos del Aqua, fisher village Orzola, oriental part of the island Haria where we found a little hidden restaurant with amazing (also vegan) food called Puerta Verda. Our favourite lounge / beach bar was the Blue Horizon. Our lovely hotel - Lanzarote village (first pictures). The weather was perfect! Too hot, too much sun and cool water to swim! (My pix may look a bit cloudy I know). We had a good time, thanks girls <3.

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