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Hello my friends! Happy December! On Instagram, I asked you guys if you would like to see more of my new office on the blog and the answer was YES. That's why, before publishing my long awaited Los Angeles story, I decided to share these news with you. No, I don't have a new job, I'm still independent:))) but I have moved and am now the proud owner of a new beautiful home office, completely designed by MEEEE! First, I thought I'd never get a nice result because of too many available inspirations, brands and colours so before shopping I only collected ideas to have an overall picture. And now, my dream office is ready! I am so freakin happy with it, sometimes I just sit on the couch in the back and look around. :P What do I in my office? Netflix all day long. Euhhmmm just kidding! :P No I actually write my blogposts here, take many photos inside because of the good light, edit photoshootings, write my e-mails, wrap photo albums and keep organised! 

I will now present you the key pieces of my room and where I shopped them. I wanted a base of three colours: baby pink, mint and grey as well as wooden and copper details. Note: I bought everything on my own except the frames with the posters. I discovered the brand Desenio on Instagram and kindly asked the team for a collaboration because my room needed to some wall art. They then sent me the posters and frames of my choice and here we go, now you know everything! Also, I tried to link most of the presented items for you guys so you can easily find them online!


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So let's start with the most important furniture of an office - the desk and the chair. The desk is from Ikea, you can choose the colour and the size of the board and of the feet. I already owned the same desk when I participated to the TV show Generation Art by RTL Luxembourg a few years ago, I fell in love with it immediately. The chair is from Maison du Monde, you need to purchase it online, they don't have a lot of furniture on stock in the local shops. It's available in different colours as well. Both pieces correspond a lot to the current trends of the Scandinavian furniture, of course my inspiration comes from Pinterest and Instagram.


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Now to the wall art from Desenio. I absolutely wanted some nice wall art including nature. Scrolling through the nature collection and  botanical collection, I found some nice posters matching my taste! The names of the posters are Forest Circle, Tamarind Leaf and Buffalo. You must know that I'm a huge buffalo skull fan (cf tattoo on my wrist). There is a quote on the Forest Circle saying: ‘The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart’. - Lovely isn't it? I need to say that this kind of wall art inspires me daily and always reminds me that I need to travel more, that I need to explore more and that nature is life! Oh and here is a little surprise for you guys as well!! The code “annakatina” gives you 25% off posters from now on until Thursday, December 7th!!! (Except for handpicked/collaboration posters and frames). Happy shopping!!!

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Yep, I needed that styling corner like any other fashion blogger haha. xD. It's basically a corner for your currently favourite fashion items. It's like a mini wardrobe for daily inspiration. The clothes rack is from Ikea, the stool is from Maison du Monde

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On my desk you can find candles, succulents, lipsticks, cute stationery, perfume,.. The copper lamp, terrarium and letter holder are from Maison du Monde, the watering can is from Urban Outfitters! Yes, I love copper !! The mirror is from Ikea.

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Also when traveling, I collect small stones and crystals (I got this mania from my mum). I don't know, they give me some kind of energy and inspiration when there is no, I like to touch them, to analyse their texture and d they look so pretty, like candy! 

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So what's below? I have some green and mint boxes with stuff, the ones on the left are from Maison du Monde, the mint basket on the right is from Hema as well as the wrapping paper rolls. The amaaaaaazing paper bin in COPPPPERRR is from Maison du Monde as well. Actually, except the watering can, all the copper stuff is from Maison du Monde!

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I ordered some more furniture to fill the room and I loovvvee them. So, at La Redoute, I love this brand, they have great quality stuff and -40% discount almost all the time, it's crazy!!! Euhmm, as I said, at La Redoute, I found this stool covered with marble (interior goals) and the wodden shelf-ladder. I am so happy with these two artworks, I mean, look at them!! 

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By the way, the products in the right corner are from J'adore Bio, a Luxembourgish start-up selling natural, vegan and organic cosmetics and skin care products. They kindly asked me if I would like to test some products for my blog, of course I said yes and picked out 7 products. I am now in the trial / testing phase, review will follow soon!!

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So what do you think? Please don't hesitate if you have questions about items I forgot to mention or about the customer service of any shop or whatever comes to your mind! I hope you like it! I still need to add big plants to my room. Thanks to Desenio for the beautiful wall art, I love the frames! Oh an by the way, I purchased some more frames for an upcoming event..... TROC'N'BROL on DECEMBER 15TH! Every year, I participate to this lovley art party. In two words: you like an artwork, you stick a post-it on it with your offer (it can be money, a service, a vintage object, whatever!) In the end, the day after, the artists choose their favourite offer and you make a deal, it's so fun! So see you on December 15th - 16th at Carré Rotondes!