Peaceful time in Estepona

Estepona Travel Guide Review Spots

A few weeks ago, I spent a week in Estepona, Malaga - a quiet, beautiful town perfect for walks and sunbathing. Yes, I've never been that tanned in my whole life comparing to that last week of February!

Estepona has a beautiful old village where every street has its own colour, you see it on the flowerpots! One street has yellow pots hanging on the walls, the other one has red ones, blue, pink etc, so cute. We also made one single excursion to Gibraltar to feed the monkeys and to know a bit more about the the British Overseas Territory but in the whole, we decided to relax for once after exploring the French Riviera deeply! So, my main activities were : sunbathing, doing sports (stretching, tennis, yoga, swimming) and taking pictures of cats, sea stars, outfits.. and of course, enjoying Spanish food. Also, I really liked our hotel, Estepona Palace, located just infront of the sea, best buffet ever, wifi all along the beach (yeaahh babyyy) and nice architecture, here's an insight!

Before leaving towards the sun, I teamed up with the pioneer agency of sustainable fashion Charlie + Mary to introduce some brands like Wunderwerk, a German brand working with organic fabric. The dotted shirt and black lace top are from them and I absolutely enjoyed wearing natural, organic clothes in comparison with fast fashion based on polyester..