September 2017, a Dior story

On est impardonnable d'avoir fait ce qu'on n'aime pas, surtout si on réussit.

- Christian Dior

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Hello my friends! Hope you all enjoy the current sweetness of September! What I mean is the sunny weather, the colourful atmosphere outside with all the chestnuts and leaves covering the streets and of course, the nice clothes of the Fall collections.. :P Paris Fashion Week just started, I can't wait to attend some shows this week..!!

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I fell in love with this Fall 2017 ensemble, special crush is the culotte skirt. I'm used to short dresses and skirts but I decided to try something new and I'm surprised how wonderful I felt wearing this uniform. I'm a big fan of a pronounced pattern such as houndstooth, classic and timeless. Also I love the current jewellery collection hiding a beautiful bee, one of Dior's lucky charms.

Currently worn by many celebrities is Dior's Feminist T-shirt. Maria Grazia Chiuri, who was named Dior's artistic director last year, made a Feminist statement at her Dior debut with Chimamanda Adichie’s "We should all be Feminits". This season, Chiuri returned with a new Tee saying: "A Feminist is a person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes".

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“I want to build a wardrobe. I don’t believe in one uniform for everyone, but that everyone needs to find her own uniform, in which to express and protect herself.” - Maria Grazia Chiuri

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“Dior is feminine,” she says. “That’s what I kept hearing when I told people I was coming here. But as a woman, ‘feminine’ means something different to me than it means to a man, perhaps. Feminine is about being a woman, no? I thought to myself: if Dior is about femininity, then it is about women. And not about what it was to be a woman 50 years ago, but to be a woman today.”

Paris Fashion Week Dior Blogger

Thanks for reading! Next post will be the long awaited LA story! xx

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