Current style obsession


Skinny jeans + oversized jumper + mini bag

Dear friends. Yes this post is a mix of hair colours but who cares. Today I realised that my recent outfits all look similar so I decided to feature my current obsession which is based on three things - skinny jeans in black or blue, an oversized jumper with extremely large sleeves and a mini designer bag usually in black. Most of the time I wear the whole thing with Converse.

I love my new mini bag from Prada, it's probably the most beautiful bag I've ever seen.. It is named Cahier which in French means notebook! Inspired by the bindings of antique books, this little beauty can be worn as a shoulder bag, clutch or belt bag! But it's small.. What fits inside? iPhone and a tiny wallet. Finito. No keys. Or you chose between money and keys. But I love the bag anyways! The other bag is my little Gucci Marmont, here you can easily put your wallet, phone and keys inside. My jumpers are from H&M and Zara, trousers from Zara


K N I T W E A R 


In my previous article, I was talking about Spring vibes - ehmmm well yes, I was propably a bit euphoric, Winter is still in the air but at least I had a good short moment :P. Tomorrow I am giving blogging and styling tips at Auchan (Kirchberg) during their Fashion Week - if you will be around, come and say hi! I wish you a wonderful weekend my friends!