Hunting the mystery of Carnevale di Venezia


Hi guys! Last week I was in Venice for the traditional carnival together with Voyages Emile Weber! I actually planned to publish my post about the French Riviera first but it will be quite long and I need some more time to edit it..  so I decided to write about Venice first! It was not my first time here but my first carnival.. I found it very interesting to see the different masks especially because you don't see Goofy or Trump passing by but traditional Venetian masks and costumes. You see esthetics, art! The tiny streets, small old bridges and the colorful architecture make the whole thing look so magical and mysterious...

I made a research about the several traditional masks and, for example, I found out that the Medico della peste, the bizarre mask with a long nose, was actually designed to prevent the spread of disease! A mask which I've seen a lot was the Volto, it covers the whole face and has a white base which is often beautifully decorated, images below. It's funny to imagine the carnival in the past times where you could dance or flirt with a masked guy without knowing if your husband or a spy was standing next to you to control the situation. 

During our visit we had a guide who explained us how Venice was built. Did you know that the city is standing on wood? Venice is also called the 'floating city' because it consists of 118 small islands connected by many canals and bridges. And the buildings were not directly built on the islands but upon the wooden platforms supported by wooden stakes driven into the ground.

It's weird to imagine a city with no cars today, right? Some guys ran past me with a hand barrow while shouting 'Attentione'! It felt a little bit like in medieval times.. Loved it!

Here my impressions...!

Trip organized by Voyages Emile Weber! / Dress from Zara.