Antwerpen x Fujifilm X-PRO 2

Last weekend I've been in Antwerpen, Belgium. I visited the city, discovered an unusual B&B and went to the #ZalandoStyleIcons awards with my blogger friend Yolisa. I captured my whole adventure with one camera, my new Fujifilm X-PRO 2, a mirrorless, compact beauty I've purchased last month (I could not wait for Santa..) I first put my Nikon in my suitcase, just in case.. but then I decided to leave it at home to test my new camera properly.

What I needed was a small camera that suits for landscapes, architecture, outfit, detail and food shots at the same time. Something my new camera seems to allow perfectly! It was an important and difficult decision for me. And I will never, never abandon my Nikon. But I couldn't carry with me the heavy thing anymore during my travels. And I wanted to discover new angles, different from those taken with my 50mm lens I was used to. So here we go - let me introduce you the new Fujifilm team X-PRO 2 with the 27mm lens.

  • brilliant photo quality
  • sharpness guaranteed
  • nice bokeh 
  • easy-to-use wifi uploading process
  • perfect size, weight and design
Fuji X-pro 2 REVIEW travel fashion blogger

My Bed & Breakfast was Boulevard Leopold, located in the Jewish quarter. Old furniture, many symbols reminding of decay.. crosses, skulls, old photos, candles.. Creepy but I love creepy :D This B&B is definitely an unforgettable experience! Martin, the boss, prepared awesome breakfast, my bed was very comfortable, I really enjoyed my stay - thanks for having me Martin!

9h. Time to explore the Belgian city! The streets of Antwerpen seemed a bit sad to me I need to admit, so I searched for my favourite shop &Other Stories which is located in a cute corner. Here I bought the oversized turtle neck sweater (pictures belows). In the city, I went to Mirlo's  and Glow for coffee, Barchel for healthy lunch and Otomat for some unusual pizza.

The #ZalandoStyleIcons awards were fun, no special program but nice people, awesome floral wall and good drinks. Enough said, look at my impressions (all taken with the X-PRO 2!)


For me, X-PRO 2 is the perfect camera for a fashion and travel blogger. Next stop is Barcelona.. Stay tuned. Any questions about the B&B? Or the camera? Ask me! xoxo, Anna