She got her first car

fiat 500 autopolis 14.JPG

Hello my friends! The time has come… I talked a lot about it on Instagram, I asked your opinions, I made you guess the colour.. and today, the waiting is over.. today, ANNA GOT HER FIRST CAR. Some of you may know that it took me some time to get the driving license and I need to say, I love taking the bus and train. and taxi (sometimes :P). Driving is not a big passion of mine but you know, it’s part of adulting to get a car one day. And with all my stuff I need to carry in my everyday life - camera, laptop, bag, grocery shopping etc, it may be useful to have a car, even when my family has always been very supportive!! Also, it might be nice for work. Let’s see! :) Anyway.

I have a car.


Of course there was only one option for me - the Fiat 500. It’s me, just as a car! Small, funny, cute? :P So where can you get a Fiat in Luxembourg? At Autopolis. I’m very happy with the car dealership, a very kind and supportive team, thank you Autopolis for the assistance!

Today, when I arrived in Bertrange, I first took a coffee at the Fiat café, because I mean - how cool is that? For example, when you have an appointment but the person you are meeting is a bit late, you get a free drink voucher so that you can relax a few minutes in the café. Very nice, it’s the little things you know:).



And then for the first time, I saw that coral beauty! awawawawawaw

About the color of the year


A few weeks after ordering my car, my twin Xenia called me and said: do you know that the color of your car is the official color of the year? Check the Pantone Instagram! Whaat?? This is awesome!! The choice of the colour was purely my own but when I heard that I was kind of proud haha because my car is trendy too !! :D You have to check out Pantone’s Instagram to discover daily inspirations based on this colour, living coral, so beautiful I cannot tell you why I went for coral. My first ideas were mint and mustard but in the end, coral stole my heart. It’s a kind of red but a very soft one, with a mini touch of pink and orange inside? Hard to describe. Also, the shade depends on the weather! Wikipedia says:

“ Coral is a reddish or pinkish shade of orange. The colour is named after the sea animal also called corals ”.

fiat 500 autopolis 8.JPG
fiat 500 autopolis 13.JPG

If you are from Luxembourg and you want to buy a Fiat as well, do a configuration online and if you’re a girl, do it with someone who has more experience! I would be totally lost without the help of Autopolis and the men in my family. I did not want a cabriolet, just a classic little Fiat 500. :)


fiat 500 autopolis 17.JPG
fiat 500 autopolis 5.JPG


I like the vintage style of the car and the minimalistic bright design inside. I also love the chassis reminder inside! These are my very first impressions, now I need to practice, get to know the little car and during the coming weeks or months (depends on how often I will take the car from now on), I will share my experience with you on Instagram!

Anyone here who is familiar with the model? If you have tips or a good advice, please share below! Also, if you have any questions about my configuration or whatever, just comment below as well and I will answer publicly so that everyone can get the answer at the same time. Kisses, Anna