Barcelona is like another home for me as I visit the City quite often with my girls. Even a short weekend is totally worth it. What we do over here? Eat tapas, drink mojitos, walk, sunbath, shop, have a good time. Well if you are like me, you will also (almost) break your nose, lose something and still be happy during the whole time over here.  Check out my Barcelona City Guide I did last year for a complete list of my favourite spots!

Packing for the weekend... The same morning, I found a surprise in my mailbox, the latest subscription bag Janette! Of course I was curious to discover the goodies of the month.. I picked out my favourite items for the trip - the organic makeup removal by Funny Bee (tested and approved!!), the Cattier shower gel, Konjac sponge to keep your face clean (I already know this product and I'm satisfied), eye pencil for the night and the bag of course, never enough pochettes in my life. If you order yours, you will discover the rest of the goodies inside! 


First thing we do when we arrive in this pretty city - ordering a nacho plate and strawberry mojitos at Carabela.

Great night at Schilling, another favourite place of us. No more pictures for today, good night!

Good morning! Breakfast at Cosmo Galleria! Best place to enjoy the sun in the morning, eat a piece of red velvet cake, experience great latte art on your coffee and devour avocado toasts. Olé!

After some shopping, to for sunbathing at Carabela again. Not touristic, sunny corner, best drinks.. Chatting with German, Italian, American people, such a cool corner.

Ready for another night! Shoes found the same day in Zara.

A cool place when the sun goes down - Nr 9 bar. Here we meet an old friend from Brussels, share a cheese plate and have a good time. Waitresses serving cocktails on 12cm highheels.. you find many different people here, it's funny to observe this scene bar ambiance.

Super dinner at Origens,  restaurant serving organic food. Discovering a local concert then moving to Schilling.

Asking people to be my models. Love this shot! Thanks guys!

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Time to fly back home, as usual, Barcelona - you were awesome! See you soon.